AMP – what is it and why should you implement it?

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Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project is an open source library of very fast HTML Web components that can help us build very fast websites, very quickly. It’s been around since late 2015 and is very much a work in constant progress. Evolving and growing daily, with ambitious plans for the future and a team of over 500 contributors. It’s also a set of rules, that if we follow, mean that Google will cache our pages on their very fast CDNs. And when a mobile user searches for one of our pages Google will even begin partially prefetching it, giving near-instant page loads. It’s no secret that there are more searches on mobile vs desktop. And on mobile users want info and they want it fast. Accelerated Mobile Pages is the answer from Google.

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Why your business need a CRM (Customer relationship manager)

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CRM is a systematic blend of the strategies, methods, and best practices to collate all this information and organize it in a way that can be conveniently and quickly accessed thereby accelerating your business processes.Today, we find that more and more customers expect to be treated in a personal way. If you were to send a mail, either by post or by email, be sure to address the recipient by name rather than the impersonal ‘Dear Customer’. The personal touch does count a lot. A good CRM is essential to be able to do this is an effective way. By utilizing a good CRM software, all information is linked to the customer with a few mouse clicks and you can compose any list you want.

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Remove WordPress Malware Hack and MySQL injection

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Wp-Vcd WordPress Malware Hack Spreads. My WordPress site is hacked and infected with Malware. How do I repair a malware hack on my WordPress based website? Nasty little script I tell you. Upload the wrong plugin / or theme and it spreads…fast. We recently got contacted by a client due to a Malware hack on their WordPress based E commerce website. Their web designers would remove the infected script, just to find it re appears a day later. They would update core and all plugins. Run Sucuri scans and firewalls. But it always comes back. The infection of this is so much deeper.

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