Why your business need a CRM (Customer relationship manager)

By |April 22nd, 2018|Categories: Software|

CRM is a systematic blend of the strategies, methods, and best practices to collate all this information and organize it in a way that can be conveniently and quickly accessed thereby accelerating your business processes.Today, we find that more and more customers expect to be treated in a personal way. If you were to send a mail, either by post or by email, be sure to address the recipient by name rather than the impersonal ‘Dear Customer’. The personal touch does count a lot. A good CRM is essential to be able to do this is an effective way. By utilizing a good CRM software, all information is linked to the customer with a few mouse clicks and you can compose any list you want.

Remove WordPress Malware Hack and MySQL injection

By |February 22nd, 2018|Categories: Wordpress Tutorials|

Wp-Vcd WordPress Malware Hack Spreads. My WordPress site is hacked and infected with Malware. How do I repair a malware hack on my WordPress based website? Nasty little script I tell you. Upload the wrong plugin / or theme and it spreads…fast. We recently got contacted by a client due to a Malware hack on their WordPress based E commerce website. Their web designers would remove the infected script, just to find it re appears a day later. They would update core and all plugins. Run Sucuri scans and firewalls. But it always comes back. The infection of this is so much deeper.